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The Benefits of Opting for Spray-On Bedliners


Americans have this never-ending love story with pickup trucks. It seems like wherever you go, the roads and highways always are packed with this type of vehicle. It maybe is because pickup trucks are incomparably versatile and rugged or perhaps most vehicle owners in this country just think they're better off having to drive something that can take them from point A to point B and manage to bring with them all the stuff they want to bring. But whatever the reason is, what's certain is that the truck bed is by far the most unique thing about a pickup truck.


If you happen to be a new pickup truck owner, you need to acknowledge the importance of protecting your bed since it is the one part of the entire vehicle that undergoes constant use and abuse. If you don't give it another layer of protection, it will eventually succumb to scratches, dents, or skids that could threaten and compromise its functionality. Today, the most practical protection for a truck bed is called a bedliner; and in this post, let's talk about the benefits of particular type called the spray on bedliner.


1 - It gives you custom fit.


Unlike conventional bedliner varieties like drop-in and carpet types, spray on truck bedliners are so versatile because they offer custom fitting. The conventional armadillo bedliners are built and designed for a specific size. So when an old pickup truck needs to have its bedliner replaced, there's a chance a new one is no longer available because these traditional ones are only made for new models of trucks. With a spray on bedliner, it's not pre-built and does not adhere to a specific size.


2 - There will be no movement that leads to annoying screeching or tapping noise at the back.


The risk of movement in older options of spray foam insulation manufacturers means that there always will be annoying sounds later on as well as the risk of liner shifting. When it shifts, the original paint of your truck could be scratched. With spray on bedliner, there are zero risks of dents, scratches, or abrasion since it is applied and will adhere directly on the truck bed.


3 - It does not correspond to high maintenance costs.


Finally, choosing spray on bedliner for your pickup truck is the most cost-efficient decision you'll make because once it is sprayed and adhered to your vehicle's bed, it no longer needs additional maintenance. All you need to do is clean it by washing after you loaded the bed with all sorts of stuff that leave any debris or waste.