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Protecting Your Truck Bed with Spray-on Bed Liners


A truck bed liner is a term used to refer to several products that are used to create a shield on the inner side of the truck bed to protect it from damage. This liner also serves as a non-skid feature that will allow cargo to stay in place. There are two classifications of these liners, namely drop-in or spray-on. Drop-in are those custom-made materials that don't require any preparation to install, while those spray-on liners are the chemical coatings that are applied to the bed.


Older models of pickup trucks usually do not have custom-fit plastic liners that would make its truck bed stronger and resistant to damage. There is always a need for a truck bed liner that would fit perfectly on your truck, otherwise, it will keep on moving around. This would mean that instead of protecting your truck bed, you are creating friction using the moving liner which can eventually wear away the paint of your truck bed.


A more viable industrial coating option for old trucks and even for those new models is to use truck bed liner spray. A bed liner spray is categorized as a spray-on or spray-in bed liner. There are several industrial coating manufacturers that market these liners and there are also businesses who install these liners on trucks, regardless of its model.


Polyurea solutions are the preferred spray-in formulation nowadays. With 5 gallons of this formulation, you are already creating a permanent solution for your truck bed liner. It will not only provide the best fit, it will also create a thick shield that would provide more than enough cushion to your truck bed. This doesn't mean that it is no longer capable of getting damaged, but because of its thickness, the damage cannot penetrate the truck bed itself.  The rubbery texture of the formulation also provides a non-skid surface to your truck bed, allowing you to keep cargo in place. The material also provides good insulation so your truck bed will not accumulate heat that much.


Nowadays, with new models of pickup trucks emerging in the market, it is easier to have this spray on bedliner installed, rather than look for custom-made plastic bed liners. Not only will you get superior fit, you are also giving your vehicle sufficient protection that would last for a very long time. Additionally, these kinds of bed liner are easy to repair and to replace when the need arises.